Nine Circles

NINE CIRCLES If you have read my previous articles you would have noticed that the phrase “Nine Circles” is of discussed a lot of times and is of great importance on the table of Geometry Dash. Weather its demon list or is the regular levels the phrase Nine Circles is frequently used. It is because … Read more

Extreme Demon

Extreme Levels The most difficult and challenging levels available in the game are the one called by the name extreme demon. They require some advanced skill set extreme practice unending patience and amazing muscle memory. Acu Extreme Demon:- Acu (ah-kyoo) is a 2.1 demon created, verified, and published by neigefeu on April 22, 2020. It … Read more

Insane Demon

Insane Demon:- Insane demon are levels which are the last step to the most difficult levels of the game. They are of great difficulty and require great skill set a lot of patience and great deal of practice. You can consider as the demo of the real difficulty of the game. Lets have the look … Read more

Hard Demon

Hard Demon Levels superior to easy and medium level as they need a little patience and some upgraded skill set. Some of these levels also need some practice as they might be little difficult to conquer. Beat Demon:- Beat Demon is a 2.1 solo Demon created, verified, and published by YoReid on February 3, 2021. … Read more

Medium Demon

Medium Demon The medium demon levels are harder than easy demon levels but are quite easy to be passed through. They require some basic skill set and with little patience can be conquered. Here is the list of some of the medium demon. Acid Rush II:- Acid Rush II is a 2.1 demon collaboratively hosted, … Read more


EASY DEMON The very basic level of the demon community is the one called easy demon. These levels are quite easy even for starters. They require basic skill set and very small time is taken for completing them. I’m gonna list most of the levels included in easy demon list. Atlas:- Atlas is a 1.8 … Read more


The game might looks simple and easy from the front view but is consisting of many tricky points which can elevate your enjoyment level to its peak and can also drag it to the sentiments of anxiety and anger. The game is extremely systematic and rhythmic and falls in the category of music games. Some … Read more