You might have heard that everything comes with its own advantages and dis-advantages. In the same way the modded version carries its own risks and joys. The mod version might be a source of excitement and joy to you but can also be a potential danger for your device and can malfunction it also harming your personal data. If you want to learn more about mod versions than . Now, let me explain the pros and cons of GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK to you in a more appealing way so you can understand it better and get to know both pros and cons of mod version of the game. Let’s have a look.


The mod version comes with its amazing, joyous and potential advantages adding elevation to your excitement level. Let me list some of the prominent advantages of the mod version.



→Customization Options

The modded version let you customize the game according to your taste by providing a wide range of options like icons, characters or color scheme. These options are also available in default setting but there you have to unlock them one by one which takes a lot of time where-as the modded version removes this obstacle and let you use them from the initial stage.

Customization options

→Freedom to Experiment

In modded version you don’t have to worry about collecting coins and using them to unlock levels or expand your customization options, you just relax and play the game with maximum excitement and joy. In this way you can just chill and play in the way you wanna play and escalate your gaming experience.

→Everything Unlocked

You get everything unlocked from the weather they are your icons, levels or your characters you get them available from the very start. Isn’t it amazing you don’t spend any money or time playing the game and get all its premium features unlocked from the initial stage.

Everything unlocked.

→Escalating Your Gaming Experience

Let me frame you in two different situations. In the first supposition you get to play the game with limited resources, one or two levels unlocked and few customization options. Whereas in the second supposition you get everything unlocked vast customization options and all color schemes available. Permit me asking you the question “What will be the supposition you wanna enjoy in practice”. You’ll choose the second one definitely. As this option let you just enjoy rather than feeling the eager to complete the level or you’ll get anxious about it. It might descend your eager level and it’s not less joyous.

→Smother Game play

The most compatible device users will experience that the modded version of the game runs much smoother than the original apk as in modification of the features and limitations the developers also increase its compatibility reach. So a better device will let you enjoy the game in a better way.


As everything comes with and dis-advantages so is the case the modded version of this game also. Here are some listed drawbacks of using mod apk

→Security Risks

Using a mod version of anything can be a lot risky as they are not from trust-worthy sources and developers can use them to make your devices malfunction and steal your personal data eradicating your secrecy and being blackmailed. That’s why you have to download modded version by trusted websites or apps. Here we come handy to you as we provide you with trusted mod apk. You can carelessly download the mod version and enjoy the game to its full extend.


The mod version might be in-compatible with some device and that’s surely for a reason. If you face the issue than trying updating your device or buying a new one with a better processor and storage specs. It might be due to the reason that you don’t have updated the version of mod apk.

→Account Suspension

Some games have very strict policies regarding the use of mod versions. Using the mod versions of such games can let getting your account suspended for some time or getting banned completely. But that’s not the case with GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK, you can enjoy the game without any little concern of getting your account banned or suspended.


Downloading the modified versions can be hell of a task as they are not simply available on Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store you have search and find a compatible and trustworthy site for downloading modified versions.


These were some pros and cons of using modified versions. The end of the debate is that the original apk might get you joyed and excited, but the modified versions are just like adding fuel to fire, they not only levitate your experience of gaming but are also capable of escalating your excitement and joy beyond the bars. As in case of GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK you get better experience of all levels as well as of all customization options.

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