Let’s now talk about the mod apks or modified android application package. The modified apks are built by private developers who are themselves or are hired by those who are enthusiasts of the respective apk. The modified version let you use all those features and options which are available just for premium members who pay to use them. These are usually made of games or editing software’s.

What is mod apk?


The mod versions give you freedom for experimenting different combinations game-plays or customization options because in mod version’s you don’t have to worry about credit’s as in most of the mod versions you get unlimited coins and all options unlocked from the very beginning. In this way you can enjoy the apk in its extreme level and can enjoy the premium features.

Let’s now talk about our mod apk I mean to say GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK, the original apk costs you real money and at the initial stages you might face some difficulties as only 2 levels are available with very few customization options. The mod version offers you unlimited money all characters unlocked all icons available and all customization’s ready to go.

The original version of GEOMETRY DASH apk is a paid version and you have to pay RS 180 for android version and RS 500 for IOS version of the game.

In a way MOD versions are of great benefit as you get all features are available for you but with its benefit’s they are also of great loss if downloaded from un-trusted sites or apks. So, a trustworthy platform is important for downloading them.

Downloading mod versions can be a headache as they are not directly available at play store or app store rather than that you have to download them from online websites as ours.

The MOD APK version of the game is, whereas, free of cost and has amazing features. In the MOD APK version of the game you get unlimited coins to spend where you want them to, you get all characters unlocked, wide range of customization options and many more. You can now customize your game to your taste.


Here are some bullets for understanding MOD APK in a better way.

  1. They are built by private developers who are independent in nature.
  2. These are un-official version of the game.
  3. Vast customization options.
  4. Offers more functionality than original version.
  5. Might be a threat to the device if not downloaded from trusted site.
  6. All premium features unlocked.
  7. Not available on APP STORE or PLAY STORE.

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