Geometry dash mod apk

MOD FeatureEverything unlocked
Size145.8 MB
Price of original game for IOSRS500
For androidRS180
Required OSv4.0 or above

Introduction to Geometry Dash 

Geometry dash is a game developed by ROBTOP Games. It’s a 2D neon colored game. If you are bored of playing all those strategy and action games which make you bore after a short period of time, then it’s time for you to experience an arcade game which is actually adrenaline-pumping and can drag you into its world of rhythmic game-play. A simple and easy looking task can be a lot difficult than thoughts, is just a phrase to briefly elaborate the game. GEOMETRY DASH LOGO   The joyful game has managed to stand alone in the crowd of all those action, strategy and arcade games and has built a great fan base through-out the world, it’s not a game you can just ignore. It’s an exceptional plat-former which is all about precision, accuracy and creativity. It’s a game developed for all age groups and all tiers of players. Here we come handy to you as we offer you a pro version of the game which is GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK for free. All characters and icons are unlocked, unlimited money, hidden vault, and many more features. Download GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK now and dive into the vast ocean of the game passing through all the obstacles just by ‘tapping’.


The game is fun thrilling built up of awesome graphics and soulful soundtracks. It’s a great game which provides pleasure and a fast-paced plat-former, and it works on one touch mechanism. You have to channel yourselves through different level with increasing difficulty as the level goes on. Here are some features as well as flaws of original version of game.  

Rhythm-based Arcade

As mentioned above that a soulful soundtrack is being attached with each level which resonates on according to the obstacles running on ground.


Yes, the game available on androids Google Play Store and IOS’s Play Store is a paid app and cost you real money which is RS180 and RS500 respectively. In order to save your money and as well wanna enjoy the realm of GEOMETRY DASH you can download its MOD version from our website.

Unlock Levels by Coins

Geometry Dash beside an online game is also a story like game in which there are 21 different levels and each level consist of 2-3 special coins which are used to unlock the next level. Without those coins you can just stuck on your current level.


Customization is a very prominent feature of the game as it let you change the shape of icon, spaceship, UFO’s and every other thing. In addition to this you can also change the color of game icon and every other character. But for this you have to unlock those characters and color using coins and also be passing through levels. Here are the icons choices available. Customization Options


The game is oriented in 2D, but it still has got some outstanding graphics. The previews of obstacles are just amazing and theme running in background is just mesmerizing. The presentation of icons ufo’s and spaceship are just exceptional. GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK GRAPHICS


Every level has amazing sound collaborating with its high paced game-play.

Practice Mode

It is said that ‘Practice made a man perfect’ so is the reason why the game has a practice mode. Practice mode let you play the levels in a lot easy way as it provides you with checkpoints after every 2-3 seconds of game-play, so you don’t have to play it from the very start. It also helps to understand the layout of the game. Practice Mode


Different levels have different layouts so at many points you are transformed from an icon to spaceship or an UFO’s and other characters according to the need of layout. The transformations look amazing. GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK TRANSFORMATIONS


The game is all about precision, accuracy and timing. As mentioned above you just have to get pass the obstacles by tapping the screen making the icon jumps. Jumping at an absolute right time with extreme precision and accuracy is the main motto of game.

Level Editor

Beside 21 Levels given by default you can also create your own level which suits your taste. Along this you can also upload the level online and let other play and praise your choice. In this way there are approximately 45-50 million online levels created by the gamers and freaks of GEOMETRY DASH. GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK LEVEL EDITOR


The mod apk version is a modified version of the game in which you’ll get all premium services for free which includes unlimited coins mod menu and other. The GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK is developed by private developers who loves to play this game. It is said that “Everything caries its own risks and benefits“, so is the case with this game too.The modified versions are harmful for your smart phones if not downloaded from trusted sites.Our site is trustworthy and never let our visitors get harmed. Let’s have a look at those features which you gonna get in GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK. I’ll explain them for you.

All Level Unlocked

In the apk version you have to unlock levels by yourselves but in GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK version you’ll get all the levels already unlocked so you don’t have to worry about collecting coins and unlocking the next levels. There are 21 levels initially available in the game out of which only first 2 are available to play and to continue playing you have to collect coins from previous levels and unlock the level using those coins but in MOS APK version you’ll get all the levels previously unlocked and ready to play. Additionally, you also get access to the 45-50 million online levels for free.

All Characters Unlocked

The game a has a vast variety of icons, spaceships, ufo’s ,arrows and other icons which are unlocked in MOD version and are ready to use at any time. You can also change color according to your taste. The wide range of customization options are also available in apk version but to access them and accord them to your taste you first have to unlock them by playing game passing levels or by using coins which you get in games. But in geometry dash mod apk you get access to all icon’s levels and colors for free. All characters

Unlimited Money

You’ll get unlimited money in the game so that you can buy anything you want inside the game to customize the game. It may include icons characters colors and so on.

Free of Cost

If you want to install the game into your smartphone than you have to buy the game first of all which costs you RS 180 in android phones and RS 500 in iPhone’s. But GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK is totally free of cost and is available for anyone around the globe. In this way you get all premium features for free.

No ads

The most annoying distraction for you while playing games are ads. In MOD version there will be no ad so you can play the game with full enthusiasm. In the same way you’ll get no ad in geometry dash mod apk.

Color Schemes

GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK offers a vast range of customizable color schemes to accord game to your taste. GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK ALL COLORS

Enhanced Game-play

The MOD Version is lot advanced from the original apk and runs a lot smoother than original apk and without any lag.

8-Daily and Weekly Challenges

You’ll get daily and weekly challenges of different level and on completion you will be rewarded with coins or sometime with diamond. Beside this you’ll also get achievement rewards. GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK CHALLENGES

Offline Game-play

A very prominent feature of MOD apk is its responsiveness in offline mode. It means that it is the ultimate weapon for eradicating your loneliness. But off-course some features are just available online as they are related to the globe.

Account Approval

The GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK helps you in getting your account approved in no time so that your progress is always saved, and you can access it from any device just be logging in your account.


You need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option.

  1. Click the Download button at the top of the page to download the Geometry Dash MOD APK.
  2. Save the file in your device’s download folder.
  3. Now click on the downloaded Geometry Dash file to install it and wait for the installation to complete.
  4. Once it is done, open the game and start playing immediately.

For detailed guide of installing GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK click here.


The game GEOMETRY DASH is itself an amazing and mesmerizing with great graphics soulful sound track vast variety of customization options. It takes already exhilarating gaming experience to whole new level with its enhancements and features and just take the player under its spell. If you want to take your gaming experience to even next level, then downloads the GEOMETRY DASH MOD APK so that you can enjoy everything from the very start.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to play the game?
The game is based on a very simple mechanism which is tapping the screen.You just have to tap the screen to make the icon jump whenever an obstacle comes in your way
Is it safe to download game from here?
Mod apks should be downloaded from trust-worthy sources as they may contain viruses or any other malware. Be relaxed as our site offers you mod apk version without any virus or malware, so you can securely download the mod version from here.
How to update mod version without losing current progress?
Just download the new mod version when available and install it on your device without uninstalling the previous version. The game itself updates its version and no effect will be put on the game previously saved.